Commercial Plumbing Launceston

August 27, 2013

Midlands Plumbing have an experienced team of commercial plumbers with the equipment to perform large-scale projects.

There are times when finding services to suit your specific needs can become confusing. There are residential plumbers, there are commercial plumbers and then you have plumbing companies that do both.

Often you will find that plumbers with a foot in both camps are well experienced in smaller commercial plumbing projects, like shop fit-outs. That way, they still have the staff, time and resources to attend to residential plumbing jobs and emergencies.

Industrial plumbing – the sort that requires major irrigation and drainage, civil works and project management – is a completely different type of plumbing. It requires not just plumbers with vast experience, but sophisticated project design and management skills and a large investment in equipment, such as excavators. Of course, that means you also need the qualified personnel to operate that equipment.

Furthermore, large-scale projects take longer so it becomes more difficult to allocate staff and resources to smaller-scale residential jobs. We specialise in the larger-scale commercial and industrial jobs so we can deliver the best quality of service by focusing our energy into these key areas.

Commercial plumber Launceston

On top of that, a commercial plumber requires specific certification, ongoing training and a strong commitment to service standards and occupational health, safety and the environment.

So if you have a major plumbing project to deliver, trust to it a specialist commercial plumber such as Midlands Plumbing.

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