Committed to providing quality based services to all our clients Servicing all areas of Tasmania including Hobart, Devonport and Longford Professional plumbers and civil operators with over 90 years combined experience Striving to follow standard work procedures and safe work procedures at all Providing a level of quality in our work exceeding our clients' expectations


Midlands Plumbing has the end to end experience and services needed to deliver all your industrial plumbing needs


Civil Works

Midlands Plumbing can carry out all the civil works required to deliver on your civil plumbing projects.



Midlands Plumbing has forged a strong reputation for on-time, on-budget delivery on a wide range of projects.


Launceston Plumbers

Midlands Plumbing specialise in commercial and industrial plumbing, delivering high quality projects safely, on time and on budget.

Our plumbers are committed to providing a quality-based service to all our customers. Midlands Plumbing was established almost 15 years ago, but most of our key personnel have more than 15 years of experience.

We pride ourselves on our strong working relationships with all clients. We focus on building a partnership with clients to better meet your needs in a timely and safe manner.

If you need a reliable, reputable plumber in Launceston, Midlands Plumbing can help. Our services include:

Committed to Service

Our strong commitment to meeting client needs and providing an outstanding quality-based service is what sets us apart.

This commitment is reflected in:

Midlands Plumbing holds various licenses, training accreditations and is continually up to date with Work Cover and Public Liability. Keep up with the latest industry news.

See more about us and our FAQs for a list of towns we service.

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